Designing a COVID-19 proof house?

With Covid-19 in daily headlines, the majority of us are staying home enjoying the space we live in. Home has to serve work, school and recreation all rolled into one building.
At WOLF Architects we have seen various design trends over the years from multi generational living, increase in smart technology, global warming and sustainability. Our designs have evolved to accommodate residential and commercial buildings. This pandemic has challenged us to consider the “wellness environment” in a new light.
Panic rooms, fire shelters and bunkers have come about in response to society challenges, may the need for a virus proof house be next? Hospitals have negative pressure rooms for isolation and sterile surgical theaters. With time, could these become economically viable for the home? Could a zone within a house become pressurized with the switch of a button?
Common measures currently in play in WOLF houses include using a mud room as an entry point, removing footwear, considering materials with minimal joints and easy clean surfaces and well ventilated rooms throughout. Today there are also many self-cleaning or anti-bacterial surfaces and materials which can be specified in the build.
In short, designing one’s home environment to reduce the threat of exposure, enhance our daily living and provide security whilst considering the sustainable impact of our planet is a challenge for the creative, innovative and well informed architect.

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