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Rising Stars

Rising Stars As 2022 closes, the cycle of dreaming, designing and building continues at WOLF. Dynamic design, town planning and council applications, interior design finesse through to the final [...]

Rising Stars2022-12-23T16:21:12+11:00

Courtyard Tips

Courtyard Tips A courtyard is more than an enclosed space, open to the elements whereby you can fit a few plants. This may have bred the misconception that they [...]

Courtyard Tips2022-08-29T13:32:55+10:00

Grand Design Published

Grand Designs Australia Published In this contribution to Grand Designs Australia magazine, Wolf Architects explores the value of varying floor surfaces in zoning. "Even though its beneath you and [...]

Grand Design Published2021-05-28T14:49:45+10:00

Imagine and Transform

Imagine and Transform Imagine coming home and driving into this sanctuary. It represents the WOLF standard of luxury, flexibility, comfort and functionality, all rolled into this one space. This garage has [...]

Imagine and Transform2020-10-01T21:16:55+10:00

Design Headspace

Design Headspace Good design is not exclusive to those with deeper pockets. Just drive around some of our more affluent suburbs and you will find 90% of those multi-million dollar mansions [...]

Design Headspace2020-07-31T15:14:13+10:00

Following the light

Light and Shade. Light is one of the foundations upon which good architecture is built. When we design a building we focus on its orientation to the natural light, be [...]

Following the light2019-04-17T15:15:31+10:00