Beautiful Backsides: The Art of Contemporary Residential Architecture

At Wolf Architects, we’re proud to be the leaders and innovators in contemporary residential architecture. Unlike many others in the industry who replicate existing designs, we approach each project as a blank canvas, exploring what has yet to be done. This commitment to originality and creativity sets us apart, ensuring that every home we design is unique, forward-thinking, and tailored to our clients’ needs.

Misconceptions About Contemporary Architecture

Many designers today misunderstand contemporary architecture, reducing it to merely boxy forms and straight lines. This simplistic approach often results in designs that lack visual appeal and fail to resonate with homeowners. Good design is not just about following trends; it requires a balanced approach, an experienced eye for proportion, and an intricate understanding of shapes and material composition. Without this knowledge, many designers end up creating buildings that look uninviting and monotonous.

The Art of Balanced Design

At Wolf Architects, we believe that every aspect of a home should be beautiful, not just the façade. Our designs ensure that the rear of the building is as aesthetically pleasing as the front. This holistic approach is crucial because the backyard is where families often spend a significant amount of time, reflecting on the beauty of their home from that perspective.

The Importance of the Rear View

Many designers neglect the backside of a building, treating it as an afterthought. However, at Wolf Architects, we understand that a well-designed backside enhances the overall appeal and functionality of a home. In fact, our backsides often look as though they could be the front, showcasing our dedication to creating beautiful, harmonious designs from every angle. All the images featured in this blog are actually of the rear, and we’re confident they might surprise you – they could easily be mistaken for the front!

Experience and Expertise

Creating balanced and attractive designs requires a deep understanding of architecture and an experienced eye. Our team at Wolf Architects possesses this expertise, allowing us to create homes that are not only innovative but also timeless and elegant. We use our extensive knowledge and skills to craft designs that stand out, ensuring that our clients’ homes are beautiful from every perspective.


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If you want a design that is stunning from every angle, contact Wolf Architects. We are dedicated to making your backside as beautiful as the front, ensuring that every part of your home reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. Explore the possibilities with us and experience the difference that true expertise in contemporary residential architecture can make.

Wolf Architects – Innovators in Beauty and Balance.

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