Think Architect, Think Wolf Architects.

When you think of architects in Melbourne we hope that the name Wolf Architects comes to mind. Great architects produce great work and great work gets seen. One of the first things that attract potential clients to us has always been our work. The consistency demonstrated over many years in high quality design work inspires confidence. People respond well to the designs in our portfolio because they are balanced, proportionate, sensitive, unique and stimulating. Is there a secret to successfully producing great design over and over again? Obviously there are many secrets but it comes down to we are. Our team is talented, highly skilled, multi-cultural and experienced. We are well qualified but more importantly we are passionate about our work. We understand that architecture is both an art and a science and our team will go to great lengths to achieve this balance.

As a result of this, our work is regularly published, nominated for awards, and even filmed for television. Our design philosophies are focused around the idea that the house is a microcosm of humanity and all greater architectural works. It’s about life and trying to generate happiness through our architecture. We are always pushing and refining our design approaches and methods. It’s not uncommon for us to continue designing and refining even after our clients have expressed satisfaction. We want to design until we are happy that we’ve done the best we can with no stone left unturned.  The pursuit of excellence is why we often surpass client expectations.

Furthermore we never lose sight of the fact that this is your home and that you have the final say as we don’t in the houses we design. With that in mind we will listen to you and strive to learn all there is to know about your lives, dreams and ambitions. Every project is unique because every client is unique. No two sites or budgets are ever exactly the same so it’s important for us to remain flexible. We strive to start every project as if it were a blank canvas and that is why our work ends up looking very fresh, unique and with character.