Architects Appreciate Art



Being an architect is not about just being technical. The Architects at WOLF are considered creative artists. Each carefully selected member of the WOLF team come from a broad background of the arts. Whether it be dance, singing, painting or photography, a creative influence is key in shaping your approach to design.
At WOLF Architects, in-house workshops are occasionally conducted to engage our team of designers with the broader artistic world that lies outside of architecture. These workshops consist of furniture-making and staining, salsa dance nights, vintage car restorations, tribal mask making, sculpture workshops and sports such as basketball.
Our most recent project – Restoring an aged Asian painting from the late 90s. Being well-travelled, followed by being kept in storage for several years, this painting came to WOLF Architects’ Melbourne Office in scuffed condition with white markings worn into the canvas of the artwork. The restoration project was a detailed and technical one. It involved considering the original techniques used by the artist to intricately recreate the details that were now missing. The canvas is still stretched in its original framing, which also had to be stained to resemble it’s original condition.
It now hangs proudly in the master bedroom of the WOLF House.

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