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Freemason poppy

In early April The WOLF team moved away from their computers and out into the morning sunshine to make clay poppies for ANZAC day. The event was held in conjunction with the Freemasons of Victoria and each poppy had a Freemason symbol placed in the centre to symbolise the respect and support that the Freemasons have for ANZAC day. These poppies were then made into badges which were worn by volunteers at the Shrine of Remembrance and Federation Square on ANZAC day.

The Freemasons held an event on ANZAC day that was aimed at giving recognition to all people in all conflicts and their affected families. Members of the community created clay plaques with personal odes, reflections and sentiments which will be placed in a permanent memorial in the Melbourne CBD.

It was a refreshing change for the WOLF team, getting their hands dirty and creating tangible objects, and all for a good cause.

Click here to find out more about the Freemasons Victoria ANZAC day event.

Making ANZAC poppies
Teamwork making ANZAC poppies
Poppy making petal details
Taras Wolf making ANZAC poppies
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