Black to the Future!

The Value of Relationships

Wolf Architects has always valued long term relationships with the view that each project is a lifetime commitment. Not only do we enjoy being a part of our clients lives with the creation of their dream homes, but following on from that with how the house evolves overtime. Any changes they need, and then even if the property is sold we want to follow on the life of that building with its new occupants and be there to assist them with any modifications they may need. This philosophy extends into the relationships we have with our team members and the consultants we use. Though the nature of our industry is that people tend to come and go we always start each relationship with the view that it might be forever. This has resulted in many team members remaining with our practice since its earliest days. Some were even students of Mr Wolf himself from their 1st year at University and others have known him since his own days as a University student. Francesca Black,  qualified Architect is one of these whom has known Mr Wolf for years. She studied architecture with Mr Wolf almost 3 decades ago and it was during those University days that both Taras and Francesca established a genuine admiration for each other’s abilities. Francesca went on to pursue her interest in writing, and she has quite the repertoire contributing to a wide range of Australian and International publications. It is thus not surprising that Francesca has become WOLF Architects official copy write and is involved with most of the practices literature including the most recently published annual WOLF Architecture books. Pictured above on the left, a snap of Mr Wolf and Francesca in conversation at University and on the right a current photo together at the Wolf Headquarters in Melbourne.

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