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Taras and Rebecca Wolf on the red carpet at the Dandelion Wishes Gala Event

Dandelion Wishes Gala

On the weekend Taras and I took part in a fundraising gala event for the Monash Children’s hospital. It is “our local” if ever we need it, located in Clayton, the brand new facility is due to open this year.

Dandelion Wishes Gala is the passionate work of a most generous couple that experienced first hand what life saving work MCH does, and when I was invited to join the fundraising board I saw it as a wonderful opportunity. Friday night’s Crown Palladium gala was a glorious success with over $200,00 raised in one night- contributing to the purchase of the newest specialised transportation cots of infants in need of intensive care. Meanwhile, the ladies on our table got to dress up, and Taras had the pleasure of being the only man with 10 women!

To our network of friends and family that supported myself and this event- thank you! It was truly a pleasure and blessing to be part of such a joyous, meaningful evening. A special mention to MarKese Hair that made sure I could move boxes and not have a hair out of place, and Claire Melhuish for the make up.

MarKese Hair: http://markesehairandmakeup.com.au/

Claire Mel Makeup: claire@clairemelmakeup.com

The Gala itself credits many more contributors – with just a few to be seen in the image below. For a full list of contributors and committee members, please go to the Dandelion Wishes Gala website. http://www.dandelionwishesgala.com.au/

Dandelion Wishes Gala Contributors and Committee members

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