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The Malaysian Courtyard House.

Courtyards are always beautiful features and have been integral to Asian homes for many centuries. The courtyard is an efficient means for circulation as well as an element that creates calmness and serenity.

In late 2017 WOLF Architects was approached by a Malaysian visionary to create a private family retreat. A place to rest, contemplate and share with close friends and family. With Wolf Architects extensive experience in South East Asia, and a renown for our innovative contemporary designs we were considered the best fit for this special project.

Our project in Malaysia is unique because the entire courtyard is a fish pond. Water and fish were vital in the client’s brief so all spaces connect to this pond as if the house were floating on a lake. Highlighting the symmetry of the plan is an elevated dining and kitchen space that overlooks all of the home as a command centre from which the owners expect to spend most of their time. The traditional Chinese roof over this space is all that is left of the previous home.

This is not the first time WOLF Architects has blended modern and traditional styles and ideas together. It’s in fact quite common for our Asian clients to want traditional elements incorporated into their modern design. It’s a way to express their desire to be modern and innovative while being appreciative of their own cultural backgrounds.

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Courtyard House elevated view
Courtyard house front view
Courtyard fish pond view of entry feature wall
Courtyard fish pond view of dining room