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The Wolf City Military

  Wolf City is under attack! Luckily we have the Wolf City Military protecting us from harm. From the superior radar and satellite systems we can be assured that everything is being constantly surveyed [...]

The Wolf City Military2017-03-29T03:24:34+11:00

The Sky Park Project

Parks and open spaces are an important factor in maintaining the quality of life and an increasing population forces us to create new and innovative ideas to accommodate. The Sky Park Project was designed based [...]

The Sky Park Project2018-04-06T16:14:09+10:00

The Wolf Tower

As development continues in the Wolf Lego City, the most recent and without a doubt the most famous building in the iconic city is complete. Symbolising the family coming together as a single unit, the Wolf Tower [...]

The Wolf Tower2017-03-29T03:24:34+11:00