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Before and after redesigning a home

Wolf Architects founder Taras Wolf has always been well regarded amongst his peers as the go to person for a design opinion. As early as high school he assisted friends with design related matters. As a student of architecture at the University of Melbourne he continued to tutor and advise his classmates, not only because he was an A+ student, but often because he simply enjoyed design challenges. As a registered architect and University lecturer he has mentored thousands of students. Most flattering is that other architects, including past classmates, continue to consult him on design, as such he has often been nicknamed the design doctor.

Wolf Architects receives numerous calls every year from people with projects that have gone horribly wrong and are in need of expert attention. Often, it’s when someone has gone to a draftsman, builder or other non-qualified designer with a scrapbook of magazine cuttings hoping for the perfect dream build. The results are often lacking cohesion, like the scrapbook, and desperate for extensive reworking. While it’s never ideal to fix other people’s poor designs we also feel obligated at times to assist. Thus over the years we have provided services to those who have unfortunately gone down the wrong path and are desperate to get back on the right track.

Fixing up a bad design is far from easy and can feel like renovating a bad house. It can be time consuming and full of compromises. In most cases the bones of the project are wrong to begin with, and without taking things back to the beginning, such clients may have to settle for cosmetic surgery.

The costs for rectifying failed designs can also be significant. There is a fine line between providing a service that makes a difference and not costing more than starting over. If a client comes to us for help at a very advanced stage, with permits in place for example, then they must understand that we can only provide very superficial suggestions, unless they are prepared for significant costs and time delays. Every situation is different and at times we must unfortunately turn the customers away if we don’t feel we can draw that line clearly.

Not every visit to the Design Doctor is a result of poor design work. Taras and various members of his team have been engaged to critique and comment on good design work. We also consult for other reputable architects as often it’s just that extra eye necessary to confirm good ideas. While design is always subjective, the eye of the Wolf has proven itself to be one for quality, balance, proportion and good taste. Our preference is naturally for designs to begin with us in house but we accept that, in some cases, that may not be possible and WOLF doctoring may be the only option.

If you have a design that’s not quite right and in need of a second opinion then contact us today to discuss how we could assist you to get back on track. We can’t perform miracles, but whenever we have come to the rescue the results have always been positive.

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