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Feng Shui & Design

Modern house rendering

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that governs spatial arrangement and orientation. It seeks to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. It is influential in Asian architecture, but is principals are applicable generally.

At Wolf Architects we have paid close attention to Feng Shui for many years and incorporate many of its principles into our work, because we have found many of the principles to make sense and be in line with what we consider general good design principles. How rooms are positioned, orientated and are in relation to one another are important and we believe that there is an energy or “Chi” that is dependent on how spaces are shaped and arranged.

Feng Shui is easily worked into architecture but like all things we design for our clients, and each will have varying degrees of belief in Feng Shui. Those who take it seriously may even have their own Feng Shui masters of which our designs are regularly reviewed by. It can be a fascinating process as well as a challenge. Feng Shui can often be like a 3rd client and as such can potentially extend the time period of design.

If you believe in Feng shui or just want to benefit from its principles then WOLF Architects are the right fit for you. We respect its qualities and value its sensibilities – knowing how to make it work in high end contemporary Architecture.

Talk to us today about how to make your home Feng Shui perfect.