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Forever Young

“It surprises many of my friends when I say my home is a decade old”

That is the feedback of our clients as the contemporary house is normalising in suburbia. Yet WOLF clients have been enjoying their cutting edge design for 10 years or more.

It is the form, shape, function and the durability of the material selection that all come together to bring forth a home with longevity. How to reach aspects of concrete, or the drip pattern of rain is all considered in materiality. Can those areas even be reached to keep clean and maintained? The Wolf Architect considers all of this as we move through the process of creation with our clients.

Proof that good design will hold its style and not age with trends, leaving both the emotional and financial investment secure.  So whilst WOLF homes continue to evolve , the homes that are already standing stay Forever Young!

Just some of the homes designed and built 10 years ago