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An Architect’s Joy.

Taras Wolf knew from the age of 8 that he wanted to be an architect. Influenced by the art of the drawings, the appeal of drafting pens, tables, lamps and mostly a belief that an architect is a knowledgeable, intelligent and cool character. His single mindedness drove him to achieve the highest of standards at University. Yet the pursuit of excellence had the pitfall of disillusion and alternative careers were explored, but destiny drew him back into architecture. This time it was beyond being just about designing buildings, the focus was placed on people and how we can improve the quality of living through design.

The initial joy of being naturally gifted at the design of spaces and architecture, paired with clients that responded well to Mr Wolf’s work was exhilarating. Taras Wolf was invited to teach at University and another layer of joy and reward was introduced, as he was able to inspire and pass on valuable knowledge that helped influence young minds in positive directions.

Architecture is not an easy business and growing a practice is stressful, painful, tiring and full of risk. The only thing that keeps a practice on it’s feet after many years is passion, determination and some good luck or karma. Once your business has momentum, an architectural practice can be a place of great energy and creativity.

WOLF Architects is often filled with love, laughter and friendship. Architecture has been good to Mr Wolf, and he pays it forward by passing on knowledge to his team and knowing that our work affects the lives of our clients positively. That is the true joy of being an Architect.

Taras' childhood home as a construction site
The WOLF Team at work