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The right time is now.

Future proofing, risk management and forward planning are key aspects of today’s society that are ingrained in all areas of our lives. We are adverse to making mistakes and often intolerant of change unless it is an expected and planned one. The choices that we make in life, from our job, to the children’s school, or the meals that we prepare, form the design of our lives. Yet when it comes to homes we have seen countless families over the years simply react to the needs of the household when they realise they have outgrown their space. The haste to then quickly fulfil the family’s requirements leads them to a cookie cutter home.

An average architecturally designed home can take anywhere from 2 to 4 years to complete. Parents trying to accommodate the needs of growing teenagers may find that by the time the house is built those teenagers may be in university with different needs. People often underestimate the length of the building process and overestimate how much time they have, leaving things until too late. If you add to that indecision and procrastination, your dream home may remain just a dream.

A WOLF home is one that looks at the complete lifespan of the building. We look at the entire family and how their needs will change over time. Maintenance, sustainability and resale are all import considerations and when combined it creates a very flexible and versatile building. A well designed home can benefit a young couple who go on to have children that live with them until they are young adults. Our clients get a home that is practical, that also inspires and provides countless moments of happiness.

We believe that it’s never too soon to begin your future and find that people regret waiting until they are “more mature” to embark on a dream project. Although retirement is a common catalyst to build that dream home, such clients often express to us that they regret not doing it sooner.

Your house is usually the single largest financial investment that you will make, so think forward and future proof your home with a design that will stand the test of time whilst delivering sanctuary.

A testimonial from someone living in a WOLF designed home:

“It’s been several years living in my beautiful Wolf home and I don’t regret any of my decisions. I’ve been happier and healthier because of this home. My family continue to feel inspired and enjoy being at home. Our friends love visiting and we love sharing and entertaining from purposefully created spaces. The house and land have appreciated significantly in value since it was completed and I wonder what all the fuss and worry was with overcapitalising. It was an investment into happiness, and how can one overcapitalise on that?”