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Z house main open living space

Are you living intentionally?

Intentional living, is conscious living- much more than just going with the flow of life.

At WOLF Architects we believe that a home frames the life you design for yourself.

The conscious making of daily choices from the length of time we give ourselves to get ready in the morning, the kind of breakfast we eat down to the transport we use to get to and from work. The small daily choices we make can have an influential impact on how our day runs, how our mind and body runs- leading us to a joyous, calm, productive day or a frantic one.

Similarly our homes can be intentionally designed to suit the way we wish to live. The choices in the custom build home is endless it seems, but WOLF Architects will narrow down the choices by engaging our design intellect and providing an intentional design suited to a client’s specific needs.

If budget is your primary drive, there will be limitations around size and luxuries- but not use of space and light. If site location is important, like a view, then location of rooms and size of windows will drive the design. If entertaining is paramount, then a kitchen might prove to be of utmost importance.

A bespoke home will invariably integrate many of these ideas- whilst always returning to the initial thought and intent.

After all, its your dream home we are intentionally designing!

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