Literature that Inspires

Wolf Architects and Mercedes-Benz – Striving for Excellence.

For Taras Wolf and the team at WOLF ARCHITECTS, a lovingly restored Mercedes-Benz is often the first thing that our eyes fall on when entering the office every morning. Taras happily rotates a  Mercedes-Benz from his remarkable fleet, placing it in the proud position in the heart of his office. Raised slightly and centrally situated, it is a striking first impression and was a crucial driving factor in the design of the ‘Wolf House’  back in 2012. Alongside Mr Wolf’s impressive collection of automobiles are many of his proud memorabilia including various Mercedes-Benz models, branding materials and brochures.
These brochures in particular form an incredible collection on their own, with the oldest of these dating back to the 1960’s. The collection is fascinating to view through the lens of modernity but impressively more than stands the test of time from a design point of view. The layouts are sleek, elegant and provocative. The descriptions are sharp and refined. It is this timeless appeal and high quality finesse that inspires us daily, helping to inform our brand and style. Taras and the Wolf team see the attention to detail in the literature and appreciate that it is often the smallest detail that can make the biggest impact. We are inspired by this design ethos and want to approach our own design in a similar way. Like Mercedes Benz cars, literature and styling, we understand that buildings, similar to cars, are more than just spaces, they also need something else to take it from ordinary to extraordinary. They require design testing and retesting, a hands on approach and the highest quality materials.
Mercedes-Benz have created a brand that is instantly recognisable and highly trusted and through their literature we see how they have achieved this. The team at Wolf Architects strive for the same excellence in every facet of our brand. From the layout of our website to the detailing on our plans, we know that attention to detail is crucial to a successful outcome for our brand and our clients.

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