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Anyone who has met Taras Wolf will learn quite quickly that he is a Mercedes Benz car enthusiast. Even those less well acquainted with him can observe this from the simple fact that within his personal office space is a classic 1968 Mercedes sports convertible and by this we mean the real car and not a toy model, although there is a also a wall next to the car with over a hundred Mercedes model replicas of the exact same car in
the office.

So what is his fascination with Mercedes and why is the car in his office? To fully appreciate his passion it’s necessary to understand that Mercedes cars have been a part of his life for as far as he can remember. His father was a car enthusiast and over the years enjoyed a huge array of European cars. Amongst the family’s cars was always at least one or two Mercedes. However it was not until the mid 1990s that he became a true Mercedes fan after restoring one of his families tired and run down Mercedes cars. That was how he learnt to appreciate the quality of build and design that went into every Mercedes car, especially the older ones. He built up a library of all books available on Mercedes cars and at 26 years of age was possibly the youngest classic Mercedes enthusiast around.

A beautiful piece of functional art

Since his very first classic Mercedes he has owned over a dozen classic models with a particular passion for cars from the 60s and 70s. This was the period when Mercedes were asserting themselves as the Kings of Road inventing many ground breaking advancements, especially with regards to safety.

Many of the Mercedes models created during this period were regarded as the best cars in the world and most from that era are now highly collectable.
They used to build the best possible car, add up what it cost and then simply charge that amount to thier customers. At Wolf Architect we can only dream of a customer asking us to do something similar. Nevertheless the excellence represented in these cars is something inspirational to Taras and brings us back to why a car lives in his office.

The 280SL is Taras’ dream car which has taken him 10 years to afford, find and restore. His dad had the very same car and as such it holds many fond memories. It is often used as a metaphor for many aspects of the practice.

Having restored many classic Mercedes cars, Taras admits that they are not easy to disassemble as there are no obvious screws or clips. There is a lot of very fine and subtle detailing, in both construction and design, that make everything appear seamless and streamlined. All lines are carefully
considered and proportionately correct. Taras’ SL is in immaculate condition, as though it had just left the factory. Even the engine is so clean that you could eat off it. This again is representative of Taras and how he likes things kept. It’s the things you don’t always see or notice that make a difference. The same ideas are seen in the buildings we design. Just like Mercedes
cars, Wolf Architects create timeless, innovative designs and are a respected, trustworthy brand.

Most importantly though is that the car is not just a showpiece. Taras has several classic cars and they all get driven readily. Like all Wolf homes, they are not just meant to be looked at, they are meant to be enjoyed and used.

Taras Office Mercedes
Taras next to cars