Interior Design

In a shrinking world, the importance of involving architects has become obvious. At WOLF ARCHITECTS we strive to make use of every cubic volume of space available. On the one hand we look at ways to avoid wastage while on the other we look at how to make those spaces enhance the quality of daily living.

We analyse building services from the onset and resolve as much as possible in the earlier design stages. Too many buildings are ruined by ugly air-conditioning systems, down pipes, and other services installed as an afterthought. A lack of consideration for furniture, storage, and maintenance usually results in compromised living arrangements that detract from the original design intent. That is why all of our design drawings explore furniture arrangements from the onset. Our small spaces are therefore more useful, flexible and meaningful, while our larger spaces are not wasteful or impractical. Our knowledge and understanding of lighting averts uncomfortable situations such as when the sun always shines on the TV. Knowledge in interior design is therefore paramount and this is why we offer interior design as an integrated part of our services, considered from the very beginning of most projects. In view of this, our interior design services offer excellent value for money.
Our clients should not require additional services from other design consultants as our WOLF team comprises experts in landscape, interior design, as well as decorators able to provide input throughout the design process.

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