Landscape Architecture

Landscape design entails much more than just pretty looking gardens. At Wolf Architects we believe that living more sustainably comes with a greater connection to the natural environment. Award winning homes deserve nothing but the best landscape architects in Melbourne. We take pride in our dedication not just to protecting our environment but to delivering the most practical yet stunning landscape designs to our clients. A home cannot be great and properly complete without a carefully considered landscape design.
Our Landscape designs are often inspired by our clients and how they want to feel connected to the natural environment. Thus there is often a very strong link between the interior spaces and the external landscape design. We place great importance in understanding and composing views from the various windows in a building. We then want to bring the outdoor areas into the interior spaces to form a synergy between nature and the built environment within.
As with Interior design, WOLF ARCHITECTS also offers landscape design as an integrated part of our service. This means that Wolf Architects provides a three-in-one-service that is not commonplace among most architectural practices.
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