Detail and Form

WOLF designed projects demand details that signify quality design and finish. These are often resolved and drawn at 1:1 scale, leaving no margin for error or misinterpretation. Such details add positively to the whole though never obvious or obtrusive. That is why there is often so much to look at in a WOLF building that it takes several visits to take it in. Even the profile of a hand rail or door handle can be custom designed and then when all these details combine harmoniously together, the results are breathtaking.

Further to designing the details, we understand balance, proportion and the importance of combining practicality with craftsmanship. These qualities are not easy to learn, teach or fully comprehend. The ability to sense when a design encapsulates those qualities takes years of experience.

A great WOLF design requires something that can only be described as being similar to a Jedi using The Force. Anyone can wield a lightsabre, but only a Jedi can use The Force. At Wolf Architects, you can rest assured that we are interested in everything from the smallest detail to the overall statement.

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