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The Pretzel Stand

If you’ve been to the Wolf Headquarters you will know that presentation is of great importance; from our workplace, to our drawings and even the snacks and refreshments provided to our guests. We have a number of interesting snacks and treats that we like to offer during meetings, some are homemade and others come from speciality stores so they don’t always have a conventional appearance meaning the traditional serving method in a bowl just did not suffice. Our favourite Pretzel snacks as pictured below take on a rather straight appearance as apposed to the common twisted knot shaped snack. They also come in a variety of interesting flavours, however the linear shape made serving and sharing the savoury snack rather unpleasant via conventional methods.  In a bowl the snacks become almost impossible to pick up without touching any others as they are quite slender and lay on top of each other, to avoid this the Wolf Team came up with a way to serve them that was both artistic and functional.

Using a length of rectangular stainless steel tube, a small segment was cut to size so that the stand would comfortably hold up to six pieces. Six holes were then made in a staggered direction to purposely allow the pretzels to fall in various directions whilst sitting in the holder. So far the pretzel stand has been an all-round favourite, it is completely functional for sharing as it allows access to each oven baked snack easily without touching any others. It also has a very interesting appearance and we’ve had many intrigued guests want to learn more about both the delicious snack and the Wolf made stand.

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