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Another successful council application despite 32 objectors

Significant increase in density has been evident along main roads and transport corridors across the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Evolution of the streetscape has experienced natural resistance to change. Councils and Architects across Victoria have to navigate the many facets of trying to please all parties involved.

The team here at Wolf are open-minded to the challenges that come with higher density living. Deliberate design by good architects should improve the streetscape, respect the light of existing neighbours and bring functional use to smaller spaces. Without the availability for sprawl, the efficiency of space is paramount.

Our work experience overseas in high density living Asia and continual creative solutions allows us to conquer the challenges of Town Planning applications. We have a perfect track record of approved applications with councils from 2 subdivisions to 6 townhouses and apartment living.

Our most recent success was an application in Abbotsford, City of Yarra. Even with 32 objectors and a heritage overlay, our application was approved without the need for VCAT, achieving a positive result for our client. We achieved this with experienced negotiation and careful collaboration with our traffic engineers, landscapers, sustainability, planning, council, client and neighbours.

We intend to increase the value of the land for our clients, the value of living to those residing in it and the presence of the building with a design that will not date.