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Meet the Water Front Experts

WOLF architects inherently pursue excellence, and over the last twenty years this has culminated in numerous award-winning high-end homes. Today the WOLF brand is synonymous with being the best and specialists in “Dream homes”. As such most WOLF homes exist in some of the most exotic, scenic and beautiful locations on the planet.

Australia is blessed with beautiful coastlines and a lifestyle that draws us to its beaches. For many it is a dream to find a water front property and when such a goal is achieved the next step is usually to create ones forever home.

This is where Wolf Architects step in, as we have the knowledge and experience to handle such projects.

A water front property is not without its challenges. Everyone thinks that it’s all about the views but there are actually many important considerations.

  • Prevailing winds with high salt content in the air
  • Harsh and glaring sun light 
  • Unstable soil and erosion
  • Climate change and rising sea levels

These are just a few of many considerations all good architects must account for. The water front in tropical locations such as Thailand or Queensland, is vastly different from that in Victoria. While it can be tempting to place a swimming pool directly against the beach, in Victoria this can be uncomfortable with the cold winds, and potential lack of privacy.

At any one-time WOLF Architects has several water front properties on the go, ranging from small narrow blacks to expansive acreages. Our knowledge and experience results in homes that not only withstand the elements, but are warm and friendly to live in. Capitalising on views is always pivotal to water front projects but making sure that view is fresh and exciting each day requires design artistry and skill at a whole other level.

With each project, our IDM process is key to providing a design that meets every requirement. A maximisation of land use and value for dollar investment is critical at such highly sought after locations like a beach or river front property, or one risks a wasted opportunity.

If you have a water front property, you need to work with a team of experts to achieve the Art of living on the Water edge!