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Elegant Asian homes

The WOLF Architects team will head out tonight to see Crazy Rich Asians as a nod to our work in Singapore and for the chance to enjoy all of the architecture that the country, and this movie, has to offer.

As a small nation, Singapore has grown from a fishing village into a well honed country in less than 60 years. The skyline is a reference to its systematic development over time, and the iconic Marina Bay Sands resort, with its skypark infinity pool, has a view that is easily recognisable in any instagram shot.

Our director’s heritage is a cross over of East and West and is one of the many reasons for our firm’s presence in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hong Kong. WOLF Architects houses in Asia often represent an understated elegance, that is reflective of the wealth of our clients whilst instilling the ever continuous sense of home and connectivity, which is evident no matter where the WOLF house is located.

An Asian home may need to cater for a multi generational living arrangement as grandparents, children and grandchildren often all share a home. The dining room and sharing of meals is always significant, so an area for gathering features grandly in many homes. The kitchen may include a second kitchen that is labelled a “wet kitchen” which will be outside and serve as a place for frying on the hot wok and can be hosed down for easy cleaning. The presence of gutters and down pipes are almost irrelevant when tropical rain hits, so storm water management has to always consider run off into the large street drains. One interesting criteria in Singapore is that all new homes and apartments need to be built with a bomb shelter! An example of the small nations pragmatic approach to risk.

Bomb shelters or not, construction form and design differs from Melbourne due to humidity, heat and the need for ongoing cross ventilation and cooling. An important consideration is that the sun in the northern hemisphere casts a different type of light to that in the south.

Design principles between countries may be subtle or significant, yet all require an understanding of the client, their culture and the country we are designing in, in order to achieve the seamless lines and functionally that WOLF homes are loved for. We aim to enhance all our clients’ daily lives through beautiful design that can be managed efficiently, work effortlessly and allow for living elegantly, whatever your family make up or location.

Lets hope our team enjoy Crazy Rich Asians tonight! We will let you know.

Movie Review update.

Crazy Rich Asians was a big hit! A fun night full of laughs watching this romantic comedy. A new take on the Cinderella story that gave us an enjoyable night at the movies.

Hong Kong Bay view beach house
Bay View House modern with concrete roof
Bay View House modern with concrete roof and eaves
Bay view house concrete bench kitchen
Bay View House Master Modern contemporary bedroom