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How Long will Town Planning Take?

Town Planning is a significant aspect of many builds these days, and a topic on which we could discuss for hours. The many examples we have seen and been involved in, the differences between council just in Victoria alone!- let alone interstate. The topic is a huge one and requires much thought and diplomacy by us as Architects when approaching this, both with our clients and with councils.

In the last year, our observation is that town planning is slower than ever before. What would previously take 6 months at the most in town planning is sometimes up to a year. We can only speculate on the reasons why- being the increase amount of development, subdivision and new homes throughout Melbourne. This has led to some new planning laws from State to remove the variation between councils and hopefully allow a more streamlined approach, this should ideally lead to improve efficiency.

Needless to say, WOLF ARCHITECTS strives to ensure the journey is always pleasant and whilst dream homes await the attention of a planner in council, we endeavour to move forward with any other aspects of the job to ensure time is not lost.

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