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Can WOLF Architects design you a 10 star energy rated home?

In these days of environmental consciousness and rising energy costs, much of the focus of building new homes is on achieving a high energy star rating. For new Australian homes the Department of Environment and Energy administers the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) using software that models the expected indoor temperatures based on the homes design and construction, location and orientation and common patterns of household use. All new Australian homes must be a minimum rating of six energy stars.

The more energy stars a home has, the more comfortable it will be, and the lower the cost to heat and cool the home. 10 energy star homes require no heating or cooling and can even generate energy to put back into the grid. That sounds like a great idea so why don’t we all just build 10 energy star homes? The quick answer to that is the cost.

The initial outlay may be larger, but the long term saving will likely be significant.

Building more energy efficient homes generally requires more expensive materials such as double glazing, energy efficient window frames and better insulation materials. The size of the home that you build effects the ability to reach a higher energy star rating as bigger homes require more energy to heat and cool and let more warmth or cooling escape because they usually have more windows and doors.

The cost of achieving 10 energy stars is going to vary according to the climate that you are building your home in. A home in a colder climate like Victoria is going to require more high cost insulating materials to achieve a 10 energy star rating than a home built in a warmer climate like Queensland.

Good design is key to getting the highest energy star rating possible. A good architect will visit your site and work out how to make the most of your homes setting and environment to reduce its energy needs. At WOLF Architects we are always researching new energy saving technologies to find the best ones to put into our clients homes to increase the comfort of day to day living.

Building a home that will last for many generations is always a great investment and is can only be better for the environment.

Can we design you a 10 energy star rated home? Of course we can, it may just cost more up front for your comfort and peace of mind in the long term.

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Can WOLF Architects design you a 10 star energy rated home?

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