10 Years of Wolf Designs

The 28th of February is always a special day at Wolf Architects because it marks the anniversary of the practices conception. February 28th 2015 is particularly special as it marks our 10 year anniversary and we wish to celebrate this milestone with a series of events over a period of 10 months. An ambitious way to celebrate but then again we have always been a relatively ambitious practice. Considering our humble beginnings it’s without doubt that some ambition was required to get us to this point. Ambition however was only one ingredient. Hard work, the ability to keep an open mind, having a great sense of humour and good work ethics were equally important attributes to our success. Underlining all of this was a product that we believed to be special and rare.
So this year we begin a series of newsletters and blogs that highlight and celebrate the practices existence. We would like to share with you what we’ve learnt over the past 10 years with interesting stories, memories and hopefully a lot of helpful information. We will look at our history, achievements and share some of the fond memories we’ve had at Wolf Architects. The purpose of all of this will be to help all of us gain a better appreciation of what goes into good architectural design and a successful practice. It’s an exercise we hope benefits the Wolf team, potential clients as well as both our current and past clients.
Thus on the 28th of each month we ask you to check in with us and our website. Each month we hope to introduce at least one blog about our past and a featurette showcasing a project or design for new blogs and information. Join us on this journey back in time which we hope not only recognizes the past but also might help us appreciate the present and aid our vision for the future.
B.WA (Before Wolf Architects)

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