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Timelessness in Toorak

Another WOLF Architects designed project is rising out of the ground with speed and grace in Toorak, showcasing contemporary architecture across the suburbs of Australia.

The traditional classical style of architecture has its prominence in our prestigious suburbs, and the large columns from grandiose days of the past have their own niche of popularity. In sensitivity to the street-scape and the changing tastes of modern Australia, WOLF has balanced the grandeur of the past with strong proportions, whilst showcasing a contemporary design. To put it simply, we use symmetry, brick and concrete in our facades to replace the Greek columns and pitched roofs of the past. The result is a grand and proportionate home that takes its place on the street with the elegance of a new S class Mercedes.

This WOLF design does not seek to be ostentatious. It stands firm in its own right as one to be admired for its flexible spaces, basement car parking, pool and sports facility. All driven by sustainable means with a solar farm on the flat roof (seen in the aerial shots of this project) capturing maximum sun, charging a Tesla Powerwall and wall connector for charging Tesla cars. Future proofing in action.

We are always pushing to be on the cutting edge of residential architecture, be it a single home or high density living. Multi residential property is one of the most popular for new construction in Melbourne and our firm’s principles hold steady when designing no matter the scale. Underpinning all of our designs is the clear vision of the end user- our client and the future buyers of the homes we design.

To bring joy to those within our residences, transcending trends, is timeless.

Photos courtesy of Leone Construction.

Toorak project Drone image of roof
Toorak project Drone image of roof side view
Toorak project Drone image of roof back view
Toorak project Drone image of roof back corner view