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With Melbourne set to become Australia’s largest city in both size and population the shift towards higher density living naturally follows. While higher density living is common throughout the world, Melbourne has had a tradition of single homes on large blocks in the suburbs. Recently, the rate of population growth and the high value of properties close to well established infrastructure has altered the local landscape. WOLF Architects is constantly exploring the balance in our urban fabric between indoors and outdoors when designing high density living.

Our depth of knowledge and experience of the needs in high density living arises from our association with South East Asia. In cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok every cubic inch of space is precious and we must use all of our Architectural skills to get the most out of it. Our designs are harmonious combinations of efficiency, functionality and liveability. The WOLF Architects practice is anchored in the belief that our role is to enhance the life of the end user. WOLF Architects is well equipped to deliver high end and sustainable residential designs that can uphold Melbourne’s reputation as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Multi-residential projects are subject to building codes and town planning regulations that can be complex to navigate and negotiate. Councils across the state are under pressure from the public to uphold standards for aesthetics, amenities and to avoid poorly conceived developments that are driven purely by the desire to maximise profits. Planning policies are frequently in flux and often tightened as a result. We work with developers that seek to build intentionally crafted, well-articulated and detailed spaces. There is an emotional value attached to good design that potential buyers, the local public and councils are recognising.

At Wolf Architects we work closely with our clients in the early in our process to determine the saleability and marketing of their development project and also their story and long-term vision. The alignment of business and design vision enables us to produce well balanced design solutions that satisfy both the developers and future owners.

From two dwellings on a block to multi-storey apartments the WOLF team is ever ready with creative design solutions. Experience, innovative solutions and well communicated negotiations give us the edge as we are always looking ahead in anticipation.

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