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A bronze master.

Bronze statue Mr Poetry Adrian Rawlins
Joe Zly posing as Mr Poetry

Does this statue look like someone that you know? We think that this statue bears a striking resemblance to our favourite senior architect Joe Zly. With an ever present smile and welcoming open arms, this bronze representation appears to be a permanent monument to the man who has dedicated his life to creating great architecture.

Located in Brunswick street Fitzroy, the statue is of Melbourne poet Adrian Rawlins and is titled Mr Poetry. Comparatively, Joe Zly is our Mr Architecture, a man of passion and an incredible amount knowledge gained through decades of experience across many countries. Both men are artists and icons in their own fields.

If you are in Melbourne on one of these beautiful sunny weekends, have a wander around Fitzroy and check out some of the artwork and sculptures and don’t forget to stop and take in Mr Poetry.