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New Ribbons for our Chinese Guardian Lions.

The Chinese year of the pig has begun, so it is time for us to tie new red ribbons around our guardian lions. Our newest team member Jackie rose to the task, beautifully tying shiny new ribbons around their necks.

As part of the east meets west theme of wolf house, guardian lions are placed at our entrance as protection from negative energy. They are more commonly known as foo dogs, especially in western societies, though they are lions that represent Yin and Yang. A male and female pair and are placed together to provide complete protection to the home and office. The male protects the building and the female protects everything and everyone inside it.

Jackie was an intern at WOLF Architects in the summer of 2017 and, as a permanent reminder of her time with us, painted the Chinese symbol that means family and home on the inside of our front entrance gate. When a new position became available at our office, we were delighted to see Jackie’s resume come across our desk, and after successfully completing our rigorous interview and testing process she is now our newest member of staff.

Having directors and staff from a multitude of different international backgrounds, WOLF Architects has a deep understanding and respect for the symbols of many cultures. With Australia becoming a more diverse multicultural society, this helps us to understand and integrate cultural elements into our beautiful architectural designs.

Chinese Guardian Lion AKA Foo Dog
Jackie tying new ribbons around foo dogs
Jackie at gate with family and home Chinese symbol