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Article about Wolf Architects making waves with its Mt Waverley designs.

Positive Media Attention.

In the early days of our inception, this small snippet of attention in a newspaper came about simply due to the positive impact of WOLF homes on a suburban street. A WOLF home will state its place with certainty and reassurance, by providing its owners with privacy and an abundance of natural daylight. WOLF homes have made statements on each street that they sit on, being at the forefront of the contemporary architecture wave. There has yet to be an owner to sell their WOLF home that we know of. This is the best kind of award we can receive!

Media attention is a frequent cause for excitement in the Architectural world. Large buildings will frequently make headlines for some sadly negative reasons, like that in Sydney’s Opal Tower. Whereas architecture that should be celebrated for its positive impact on our daily life is often taken for granted.

We seem to be spending an increasing number of hours indoors, as our overall lifestyles have shifted dramatically away from outdoor living in the last few decades. The impact of the built environment on our health and well-being has thus become of paramount importance. Maybe this explains the rise in the indoor plant trend?

At WOLF Architects we do not strive for awards from within our industry. Should they come about we are thrilled and honoured. Our philosophy is that we design for the people that will live and work within a building. The functionality, light, flow of space and longevity of the building is at the forefront importance in our designs, because only then can the building deliver joy to its users.