In building design our architects also strive for balance. Balance between the budget and what is achievable, functional and beautiful. To start we always find a centre. In each space there will be a centre, be it the centre of the room, the space, or the stairwell. Architects have a wealth of knowledge and learning which is sometimes overlooked, as the internet provides us with access to many images and design ideas that make us falsely belive that design is simple.
When we have good design, when it is working well and has achieved balance, we do not necessarily notice it, because it is seamless and therefore not offensive to our eye and senses. But when something is off centre, off balance, it is strikingly obvious. It can become an eyesore and impacts the energy level of the user.
Good design will induce a sense of calm and attract the user in a way that is not always recognisable. It will leave them feeling centred and balanced with their environment. It is the many things someone can’t see, the knowledge of your architect, the centring of a window and the multitude of hours gone into sculpting a building that is ultimately felt by its occupant, A balanced, holistic environment to work and live.

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