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The Wolf sign is now up and looking fabulous thanks to Avatar Power Services, the best electricians in Melbourne! The sleek, Wolf-like sign was designed in house by the team at Wolf Architects and like everything Wolf designed the result of the finished product is superb. To ensure the scale was correct and in proportion to the studio entrance an actual size prototype, pictured below, was modelled by hand, painted and mounted temporarily in position to get the approval from Mr Wolf. The finished product was made out of a matte black steel tube with LED strip lighting on the inner side to create a great back-lit effect.


Pictured below, Avatar Singh during installation relentlessly measuring the position of each letter to ensure perfect symmetry. Just like our clients come to us for exceptional quality design and craftsmanship we seek only the best trades and contractors to work with. On behalf of the team at Wolf Architects we extend a big thank you to Mark Field for assisting with the manufacture of the sign and to Avatar Power Services for your exceptional electrical work with our sign and the Wolf studio.