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Unreal Estate Season Finale – The Artist House

Award winning contemporary house expansive open interior

Tuesday night on Channel 9 was a glimpse into the life and mind of Mr Wolf, the mastermind behind Wolf Architects. The 2 main aspects of the show was of course, the architecture, but also Mr Wolf himself. As the interviewer Cam cajoled Mr Wolf through the home, picking up the reasons why this house was a well designed home in an endearing and sometimes comical tone; Yet always respectful of Mr Wolf’s intent in design. It was a pleasant change from all the seriousness of architecture shows and fancy lingo, and allowed us to all see Mr Wolf, in the words of those most dear to him, exactly how he is! Right down to the “relaxing and relieving” whilst in the ensuite!

The segment started with Mr Wolf in one of his classic cars, driving into the house, not garage, leaving Cam to exclaim that it was a “spoilt car”. Slide open the double glass doors and the car was part of the family cathedral feel dining room. It quickly went from transport to art- simply by its position in the architecture. That was probably the overarching theme of this home, that everyday activities don’t have to be mundane, but set on the right stage suddenly become performances of life. The ensuite took a rather large scene in this particular act, leaving many viewers rolling in laughter at Mr Wolf’s candidness about the porcelain throne!

Sweeping views of the home both externally and internally gave a glimpse into the 28 spaces created to be both specific in function, yet connected in heart. Allowing the family to always remain within each others senses, yet never intrusive. It’s probably the biggest stamp on any Wolf Home that family remains at its core, and a large house does not mean a loss of connection with those most dear to us.

The show finished with Cam giving a glimpse through the internal window port holes of the children’s room. He and his crew managed to show how the home shines best, with no need for bright colours, bright lights or statement furniture, simply by placing the people and things we love the most, into a well designed spaces, they ARE the WHOA factor!