The Common Misconception

Magicians not Miracle Makers

Architecture is most definitely an Art- this we know;  but there is also an element of Science- it’s not quite an exact science but the perfect combination of the two is one hundred percent necessary.
Fact is, Architects are often expected to perform miracles- the classic example is the expectation that the Architect can provide all that the client wants packaged up with an affordable bow when in reality this is not always achievable.
The nature of art and design is that it can be infinite- “How long is a piece of string?”. Over the course of design the ideas will flow freely from us as well as our collaborators – the client. Slowly the dream will formulate from a cloud like existence to floor plans and 3D models. This is where it is our responsibility to manage the expectations of the client and to provide gentle reminders of all the costs involved.
The magic comes when we present a grand finale that makes our clients heart sing, and hip pocket smile. We achieve this through constant communication, reassessment of reality and reminding all we work with that we cannot perform miracles when it comes to a budget.
The incremental requests of just that extra space, or spare powder room slowly creep up and the lines will invariably blur for our clients between want and need. The trend is often to seek a false sense of security from believing smart selection of materials is enough to keep costs down. When really the true magic is in using all the allowed space wisely through clear intentional choices. Grasping HOW our client wishes to live in this home gives us the material in which we can design to precision. Therein lies the true magic!
A good Architect strives to achieve balance between magic and reality; and this is where Wolf Architects sets itself apart. Exceeding all expectations, our team delivers a service and an end result changing the lives of our clients one dream home at a time!

See the Magic

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