The Art of Using One’s Hands

Talk to the Hand

The art of using one’s hands is a rarity amongst many professionals and in particular students and new comers to the architectural world. Modern day technologies and an abundance of 2D and 3D software have become common place in everyday practice, and whilst they have many great benefits such as convenience and speed, these programs certainly don’t guarantee greatness.
The distinction between Architects trained prior to the age of computers and those trained after it is clear from the lack of the ability to use one’s hands. A timeless quality and essential skill any designer should have. Whether it’s drawing or the craftsmanship of model making, panting, sculpting etc the sensitivity of one’s hand creates a deep connection essential to the design, something that can unfortunately be left behind through computer aided design.
Whilst we cannot deny the power of technology and all that it can offer us, being skilled by hand is a quality highly appreciated at Wolf Architects. We strongly believe in the strength of the connection between the brain and the hand, and the impact it has on one’s ability to design and appreciate good design. Our team takes full advantage of the latest advancements in technology and software packages, however every project is started through old school methods – by hand.

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