The Ocean forest Residence

The definition of a Modern Castle

Castles remain to this day because they were built from the finest and most enduring materials. Sited in idealistic locations they further symbolize privacy, security and refuge. The Ocean Forest Residence is the only residence of its kind in Australia, and combines symbolisms of the castle with modern contemporary WOLF Architecture. The result is a grand luxurious contemporary residence, a Modern Castle intended to last for generations.
Forever homes in scenic locations is a specialty of WOLF Architects, but what separates the Ocean Forest Residence into a class of its own is sheer scale and a brief that explores the complex relationships between private dwelling and a public space. This attention to zoning is further reminiscent of how castles worked as both residence to nobleman and Kings yet open to entertaining with public courts.
The Ocean Forest Residence experience begins with great anticipation through arrival by air or land vehicle over vast forest reserves. The main arrival point is a minimalistic open plaza designed to complement the magnificent views. A contemporary urban park space with expansive water pools presents as if one were on the ground, but in fact one is actually on the roof a level of a 3-level super structure.

An atrium lobby space with lift and stairs circulates between the different levels, starting with a magnificent space titled “The Great Room”. This harkens back to the halls of medieval courts but with a modern feel for what is comfortable and practical. “The Great Room” with its grand proportions is designed to both entertain and be entertained, in front of panoramic 180-degree views. The view is further framed by outdoor water pools and entertaining deck spaces. Beyond the “The Great Room” are a series of epic but finely crafted spaces that include a commercial scale kitchen, dining hall, library, and car display show case. Pivoting off this core group of spaces are the more private living and sleeping quarters. Underneath all that is the ultimate private 007 inspired undercroft space. This is the main control centre of the building where a creative mind can reach its full potential, enriched by natures beauty and all the creature comforts of a modern-day mansion; including indoor/outdoor pools, games rooms, gym, home theatre, cellar, cigar lounge, office and boardroom. The Ocean Forest Residence not only ticks every box, but goes further to invent new ones.
Materiality throughout considers durability, to age with grace with minimal maintenance. While concrete is selected as the primary structural material, it is animated differently throughout the building with several different finishes from raw to polished. This structural frame is further complimented by stonework, rammed earth walls and various steel cladding materials. In many spaces the natural rock in the substructure has been exposed to compliment the interior. All is sensitively combined with natural timbers internally to create the warmth and comfort expected in all WOLF homes.
The Ocean Forest Residence is a masterpiece destined to rank amongst the best on the planet. A tall order demanded by both the brief and the beauty of the context. This residence cleverly integrates with the landscape by working with the site context and slope. While vast, the structure sits with ease within the site’s steep contours. It’s not until exploration of its inner worlds, interconnected spaces with secret doors and passageways does one start to sense the significance and magnitude of the dwelling. From that perspective the residence is understated and unassuming at first impressions. It is a modern-day castle to be lived in and enjoyed with a thousand-year philosophy in mind.

Project Information

Size: 270+ squares 2500+ SM)
8 Bedrooms
8 Bathrooms
5 living spaces
20 cars