Sustainable design at WOLF Architects

Environmentally centred design.

At WOLF Architects we have never seen green design as an optional extra. We see it as an essential component of our work. Like having good manners it is just something that is assumed. That is why we build it into every design from the onset and see it as our responsibility to do so.
Green design is intelligent and common sense. Our strategy involves both a scientific and holistic approach. We keep abreast with current trends, emerging technologies and innovations in the industry. We appreciate however that Cost Efficiency is as important as Energy Efficiency. We respect and understand that large amounts of money cannot simply be invested to achieve “green” status with every project. We consider human behaviour and specifically your habits within your home, this allows us to design for and enable you to live a green and more sustainable lifestyle. The simple act of living in a custom designed space that meets your needs will result in a home that has minimal, if any, wasted space at all which will reduce energy consumption and costs. Further to this, flexible and multi-purpose spaces can reduce building footprints while also encouraging its users to share and be mindful of others.
WOLF Architects always aim to achieve an 8 Star energy rating, despite the industry average of 6. We focus on the ideal orientation of double glazed windows and good insulation, even in selected internal walls that contribute to zoning of spaces. Consideration to embodied energy when selecting materials and technologies also plays an important part of our aim towards an 8 star rating.
WOLF designed homes are generally filled with natural light so there is no need for artificial lighting to be used during the day. We achieve this by allowing light to penetrate cleverly from three or four directions maximising the light our Earth provides. A home that has consistent thermal performance throughout the year also minimises the need for mechanical heating and cooling. Two vital factors in the overall environmental performance involve allowing the house to breathe and night purge. Strategically placed operable windows support good ventilation and are key to allowing both of these.
Further to the structural design our sustainable approach carries through to the interior and landscape design. We focus on the use of recycled and recyclable materials with consideration to those with low VOC properties. Along with this we encourage preserving or rescuing and replanting valuable flora from the old to new house landscape. Solar and wind power are other options that we try to consider with all of our projects.
Along with all of the sustainable and financial benefits, a WOLF house is designed to be flexible in its spaces, standing the test of time by accommodating the changing needs of family life. This reduces any need for premature renovation, leaving our clients with a home to be loved and to love in as they play, grow and live together for generations to come.

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