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Living from the inside out.

In depth knowledge and expertise in interior design is paramount to creating the perfect home, which is why we have integrated interior design into our architectural service. You benefit from working with our in house interior designers on a range of aspects throughout the design process. Some of these include joinery design, selection of materials and finishes along with fittings, appliances and fixtures, furniture layout and positioning, staircase and entry design, lighting design, interior detailing and, if requested, our team can even custom design furniture and fittings.

Architects are trained to understand space; we are the only professionals with the ability to visualise and get the most out of a space from both a practical and artistic perspective. At WOLF Architects we strive to make use of every volume of space available within your home. Avoiding wasted space, providing maximum storage and enhancing the lives of those inhabiting the space are just a few of the benefits that interior design by WOLF Architects can have on your dream home.

As part of our interior design service you are provided with comprehensive coloured design drawings that indicate the materials, appliance and furniture style and location along with notes that explain exactly how everything works. 3D artist impressions and digital models are also provided to give a realistic impression of the interior layout and fully explain the design.

Regular meetings are scheduled during the interior design phase where you have the opportunity to review the drawings with our designers. During these meetings we may arrange the viewing of various product samples and finishes together so that we can assist with the selection of these important elements.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a focal point of many WOLF Designs. Our innovative team has the ability to design stylish yet impressively functional kitchen areas. Even a minimal kitchen is able to encompass maximum efficiency in terms of work flow and storage through clever interior design. The kitchen is more than just a functional space; often it’s the central control tower of the home from which other areas can be surveyed, as well as the place that your family congregates during various times of the day. Our clients love the fact that their kitchen not only looks and feels great but provides a space that is comfortable to cook in and even easier easy to keep clean.

Why not celebrate the act of bathing and make the space enjoyable? We spend more time in the bathroom than we actually realise, so a bathroom designed by WOLF Architects endeavours to have the ability to refresh the mind and rejuvenate the soul. Our interior design team is always looking for new ways to open up bathrooms to other spaces in the home and even the outdoors.

Stairs are an opportunity to create a sculptural masterpiece within your home that acts as both a functional element and a visually striking feature. Our goal with stairs is to create an enticing journey throughout the levels of your home. We aim to create a fantastic space and experience that you can feel with your feet. We pay attention to the texture, density, temperatures and even the sounds that different materials make when considering their suitability for stairs.

WOLF Architects specialise in creating exceptional residences that last a lifetime. We strive to create uplifting environments by maximising the use of space and light, thus we base our designs around the natural sun light. We study the way light moves around the property during the day ensuring that every space has a natural ambience. Our team uses their knowledge and experience to tailor the design specifically to allow light in from multiple directions. This means that most spaces are flooded with natural light during the day removing the need to turn on any lights when the sun is up.

At WOLF Architects we create the most comfortable and complete homes by providing our clients with a comprehensive architecture package that integrates interior design from the early stages of the design process.

Interior design samples
Modern kitchen with floating concrete bench
Modern open bathroom design
Modern metal staircase
Modern open living room with custom fireplace