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Falling In Love from the Beginning

Architecture is a lengthy process in every regard. From the education and training of an architect to the process of designing and preparing a dream home is lengthy, and finally, the process of building can be long and fraught with the challenges of creating something unique. Each WOLF home is essentially a one-off masterpiece, a fresh start.  Ultimately, our clients’ dream homes are where they expect to live in peace for a significant span of their lives. With a bar set at a very high level and time frames that require significant levels of persistence and patience, the

results must be worth the investment.

The time and effort required in the journey may leave some feeling overwhelmed or daunted. At WOLF Architects we believe that the practice of architecture is rewarding despite it complexities. We translate and share our passions, along with all the fun aspects of design with our clients to make the journey as enjoyable and intimate as possible. Beyond this is then the building process itself which can again be enhanced by the right builder with good craftsmen.

The project in showcase here is an excellent example of great collaboration between architect, client and builder. A beautiful site with positive clients inspired innovative and inspiring ideas by the WOLF team. In this case, the client chose to owner build and with great attention to detail was able to finish the design to near perfection with the highest building finishes. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this project was that it was built over COVID. This is testimony that dreams inspired by passion and persistence can overcome lockdowns, supply and labor shortages. The clients trusted us with confidence and despite the circumstance of the world today, a design and build were executed with dedication and excellent craftmanship, captured with joy and love in this video.

This timeline film is a credit to the builder and represents human triumph, and that there can be joy in the struggles. All good things take time and hard work, but it can still be fun, even in a pandemic.

Special thanks to everyone that participated in this project

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