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Knowledge, wisdom and inspiration.

As adults we often feel like life is overwhelming to the point where we are no longer in control. Between our family and work commitments there seems to be very little time outside of our routines. Our lives begin to feel like they are no longer ours. When this happens it’s time to re-calibrate and find a better balance.

There are still several things that each of us has full control over, including the pursuit of knowledge. Wherever you are there is always something to be learned from each and every situation. Architects are quite fortunate in this regard because our profession is vast and ever expanding. We must constantly learn so that we can stay competent and relevant.

Our skills can be refined and perfected and while some design principles are relatively timeless, the overall industry is constantly innovating and developing. Building materials, technologies, methods and regulations are just a few of things that remain in constant states of change. The only way to keep up and stay sane with such vast amounts of incoming data is to accept that you don’t know everything and commit to continuously learning.

For young graduates, who have just spent several years studying at university and are now eager to apply what they think they know, this can be disconcerting and daunting. They are often told when they start an internship that their real education has yet to begin. In fact, many architects take up to ten years before they begin to feel confident in their abilities. So it’s not surprising that most architects only really come into their own in their 40s and 50s.

Today information is so readily available at your fingertips, the challenge is in how to filter and find relevant data. A quick google search for a car stacker that fits into a very tight space might seem a good solution, until you learn that it’s unavailable or does not comply with local standards. Architectural knowledge should be relevant and practical and that is not always easy to find over the internet.

At WOLF Architects we expect every team member to know their limitations. A person who knows what they don’t know is considered a wise person. This is the best starting point for anyone wanting to learn. Architects in particular must know their limitations and be resourceful enough to either seek the right knowledge or person who is able to assist them.

Each client, brief, budget and site are unique and all this makes it hard to have a set of rules that can be applied universally. Each new project is a learning experience. As an architect you must embrace the pursuit knowledge on a daily basis and practice one of the few things in life that you can control.

We are so passionate about learning and sharing our knowledge that we have created a partner website known as The Wolf Architects Design Resource. This is a space for WOLF Architects to share our knowledge, wisdom and inspiration.

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