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About Taras Wolf

Taras Wolf is an award winning architect known for designing modern contemporary homes that are completely customised to his customers needs. Taras designs complete homes from the architecture and interiors to the landscape design, using sustainable design elements.


Everyone wants VALUE FOR MONEY. Recently I bumped into a potential client from a few years back. It was a little awkward as this person’s heart was with WOLF Architects [...]


Black to the Future!

The Value of Relationships Wolf Architects has always valued long term relationships with the view that each project is a lifetime commitment. Not only do we enjoy being a part of our [...]

Black to the Future!2018-11-23T11:49:43+10:00

Back in Action

Welcome to 2017 at Wolf Architects! As January comes to a close the Wolf pack is back in full swing and eagerly awaiting the excitement, challenge and opportunity that 2017 will bring. Our tight-knit [...]

Back in Action2017-12-12T11:27:00+10:00