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Exterior, Interior, Landscaping and Environmentally Sustainable Design

Most Architects will only consider the building from a form and functional perspective. The fussy interior details are often passed on to an interior designer. The landscaping might be passed on to a landscape architect. Energy efficiency and environmental concerns may even be passed on to another party, if even considered at all. At Wolf Architects, we see it all as one. Being energy efficient is crucial to our survival as a race, so we don’t feel it necessary for client to ask architects to be green. We should be green by nature! Interior design and landscaping are considered in a similar manner and we find it hard to design without looking at those areas simultaneously.

The image here is also an example of a “Four in one” following on from our last newsletter and on a different scale. Car washing with an earth friendly washing agent. The grass gets watered, the children get bathed, and the family gets to bond.