A bird’s eye view

Timelessness in Toorak Another WOLF Architects designed project is rising out of the ground with speed and grace in Toorak, showcasing contemporary architecture across the suburbs of Australia. The traditional [...]

A bird’s eye view2019-01-18T18:37:25+10:00

Kitchen Studies

Happiness and food. For many Australian households the most important room in their home is the kitchen. It is an ever revolving turnstile of nourishment that generates meals and moments of joy. Most of [...]

Kitchen Studies2018-12-14T17:41:45+10:00

Joe Zly in profile

Knowledge, stories and laughter. When you arrive at WOLF Architects for the first time there is a tall, wise, senior gentleman who will greet you with a warm smile and [...]

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Heart of the home

The story of a Kitchen. Interior design is an integral part of our design process and is always considered from the outset. The Kitchen is often considered as the heart [...]

Heart of the home2018-11-16T15:35:23+10:00

Wolf Design Resource

Knowledge, Wisdom and Inspiration. These three elements form the foundation from which WOLF Architects operates with our mission to make a difference. The practice is committed to mentoring, training and supporting each and every [...]

Wolf Design Resource2018-11-09T15:19:41+10:00

Heathmont project update

Constrution of the Heathmont project is complete. As promised back in August we have an update on our Heathmont project. It has reached practical completion and the owners have already moved in. [...]

Heathmont project update2018-11-02T14:34:58+10:00