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Wolf Design Resource

Knowledge, Wisdom and Inspiration. These three elements form the foundation from which WOLF Architects operates with our mission to make a difference. The practice is committed to mentoring, training and supporting each and every [...]

Wolf Design Resource2018-11-09T15:19:41+11:00

Big house or small house

Does Size Matter? Pack a suitcase or backpack, and you will quickly realise that randomly throwing everything in is not as efficient as neatly organising the space. The same goes [...]

Big house or small house2018-10-05T13:36:21+10:00

First Impressions

Making an Entrance. The 70th annual Emmy awards were held recently and all eyes were on the red carpet. The dresses and the opening number always feature highly in such [...]

First Impressions2018-10-05T11:07:34+10:00

Forever Young

A fresh perspective. A key component of good design is to think differently. The best way to do this is to spend time with young people, children in particular, listening to the [...]

Forever Young2018-07-27T14:05:46+10:00

Blended Styles

The Malaysian Courtyard House. Courtyards are always beautiful features and have been integral to Asian homes for many centuries. The courtyard is an efficient means for circulation as well as [...]

Blended Styles2018-07-13T16:31:01+10:00

Borrowed Landscapes

The Art of Borrowed Landscapes. The principles of “Borrowed Landscapes” have been practised for thousands of years and are most prevalent in traditional Chinese garden designs. The concept is relatively simple [...]

Borrowed Landscapes2018-05-18T17:13:20+10:00

Down Pipes

The art of the ugly downpipe. Downpipes- not something one would wish to discuss. Yet the threat of a serious downpour of rain in Melbourne last December sent many onto their [...]

Down Pipes2019-06-27T11:53:18+10:00

Wolf interior design

Living from the inside out. In depth knowledge and expertise in interior design is paramount to creating the perfect home, which is why we have integrated interior design into our architectural [...]

Wolf interior design2018-09-05T13:25:52+10:00