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Excitement in Heathmont

Just in time for spring. A beautiful WOLF designed home nears completion in the Melbourne suburb of Heathmont. It is astonishing to see how the final joinery, painting, fixtures and [...]

Excitement in Heathmont2018-08-24T16:12:58+11:00

The future is now.

The right time is now. Future proofing, risk management and forward planning are key aspects of today’s society that are ingrained in all areas of our lives. We are adverse [...]

The future is now.2018-08-17T19:18:24+11:00

A Space for Your Car

The Vehicle or the Horse? The car is an evolutionary step up from the horse. Before cars came along, some valued their horses more than just as a mode of transport, [...]

A Space for Your Car2018-08-03T18:23:17+11:00

Architects see potential

Architects see potential. There are several key ingredients that go into making a good designer. One important ingredient is the ability to ask the right questions. Take the bathroom in the picture above as [...]

Architects see potential2018-07-13T16:07:54+11:00

Blended Styles

The Malaysian Courtyard House. Courtyards are always beautiful features and have been integral to Asian homes for many centuries. The courtyard is an efficient means for circulation as well as [...]

Blended Styles2018-07-13T16:31:01+11:00

Developing dilemmas

To develop or not to develop? When it comes to smaller building developments, Australia has a relatively slow conversion rate from project conception to completion. Some might say it’s the laid-back character of [...]

Developing dilemmas2018-07-13T17:05:55+11:00


Variation is not an ugly word... necessarily. Variation is essentially a change- and change is often hard. Expectation these days in many industries and in our personal lives is that we get things [...]


Borrowed Landscapes

The Art of Borrowed Landscapes. The principles of “Borrowed Landscapes” have been practised for thousands of years and are most prevalent in traditional Chinese garden designs. The concept is relatively simple [...]

Borrowed Landscapes2018-05-18T17:13:20+11:00